Papa Kang had to leave his home island of Koh Lipe. He returned after 20 years and it was already changed.
Papa will teach us about Urak Lawoi life, how was it before and how it’s now.

Who Are Urak Lawoi?

The Urak Lawoi’ are one of Thailand’s minority people, socially and culturally distinct from the dominant ethnic groups. They are thought to be ethnically Malay. In Thailand, the Urak Lawoi’ are found mainly on the coasts and islands of the Andaman Sea. They moved to the Adang Archipelago from northern islands in the Andaman Sea and settled in the area in the 1910s.
On the Adang Archipelago, local legend credits To Kiri,14 a Muslim adventurer from Aceh in Indonesia, with first bringing the Urak Lawoi’ to the area. The Urak Lawoi’ were needed by the Thai government, in fact, to prove to British colonial administrators of Malaysia that the Adang Archipelago belonged to Thailand because it had been settled by a Thai population when national borders were being established in 1909.

Take A Plundge With Us!

We have managed to get the funds to shoot all the scenes needed for the movie. Now we need your help to connect all the scenes into the meaningful whole.

It’s going to take us 6-12 months to produce a movie and along that to publish a book about Urak Lawoi life. We have little perks waiting for you.


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  1. We start filming 23rd October. At that time the Loy Rua Ceremony (the floating boat ceremony) will be held. It is a very important Urak Lawoi tradition where the boat they set a sail to symbolize chasing away bad luck which was in that boat.

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